Gologic Solutions provide sales and on-site services on computer systems and digital video monitoring systems.  We custom-build new desktop computer systems, notebook computers and digital video monitoring systems to satisfied your needs.  Why pay for the hardware and/or software that you may never use?

In today’s world, digital video monitoring system (surveillance camera system) is not only for the high-end security needs but also for everyday situations.  More and more people are looking into digital video monitoring system for home & business use.

Our team works with many types of small to medium-sized business and manufacturing facilities.  We will design a system to satisfy your needs.  In addition to building and installing new computer systems & digital video monitoring systems, we install business network systems allowing for file, printer and internet sharing.

Following the initial system installation, Gologic Solutions will continue to provide on-site technical support to the business customer.  This support can be billed out on an hourly basis or in an annual service contract.

Our goal is to provide reliable, friendly service to you.